Content Marketing

Content marketing is the crowning glory of a successful online marketing strategy. It is a highly effective modern marketing technique used by companies to create and promote unique, reliable, relevant and valuable content to entice and engage potential customers.

At Genfotech, we help our clients with a variety of content marketing needs. We help you produce high-quality content, including- website content, article, blog, press release, social media posts, eBooks, infographics, buyers’ guides and whitepapers.

Why do you need content marketing?

With Genfotech as your content marketing partner, you are sure to gain more traffic and sales, stand out in the crowd and be recognized as an industry leader.

The idea behind content marketing technique is a simple one – if you want your potential customers to choose your products or services over your competitors’, you have to offer them something of value in return.

In a nutshell, content marketing is the art to persuade your prospects, without them noticing, to choose you as their vendor over your competitors by offering them valuable information and guidance via blogs, videos, news, how-to guide, e-books, infographics and much more.

With successful content marketing, you can expect –

  • A stronger customer loyalty
  • Improved brand/ product/ service awareness
  • Better lead generation
  • Improved SERP
  • More traffic
  • Increased sales
  • Less customer complaint as a result of customer education

At Genfotech, we understand that each company has their USP and so, their content marketing needs are unique too. Therefore, our brand strategists sit with you and key experts at your company to create a content marketing strategy that can help you engage and convert potential customers in the best possible way.

From planning to completion, each content marketing campaign comprises eight simple steps –

  • Interviewing key experts at your company and/or customers
  • Identifying target audience and buyer stages
  • Creating a content strategy and editorial calendar
  • Copywriting and designing blog posts, infographics, e-books, white papers and videos
  • Substantive editing, copyediting and proofreading
  • Submitting content for final review and approval
  • Strategically placing call-to-action in website and landing page
  • Promoting the content via social media platforms and newsletters.

Types of content we offer:

  • Article
  • Blog
  • Press releases
  • Mobile content
  • Newsletters
  • E-mail marketing content
  • Social Media Content
  • Website Content
  • White Paper
  • E-books
  • Infographics
  • Brand/ Company /Marketing Videos

Why Genfotech?

  • With our experienced copywriters and editors, we are a frequent contributor to most B2B and B2C niches.
  • From keyword research to guest posting to promotion, our content marketing and syndication process is known for producing great results.

We integrate SEO strategy, content marketing and social media best practices, which increases the value of every piece of content we publish on your behalf.

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    What our Clients say

    We outsourced a complex e-Commerce marketplace project with WEB & Mobile application development to Genfotech. They are a professional company. The Project management process is flawless. Team is very responsive and friendly. They delivered the product on my server and provided technology support beyond the agreed support time frame. Looking forward to work again.

    Kevin Allen, Idealbuy

    I have worked with Genfotech for over 2 yrs now. During that time we worked on applications for the Web, IOS and Android platforms. Prior to Genfotech i tried to find offshore companies that provides quality experience but it was a disaster. I hired Genfotech with a lot of skepticism but i was pleasantly surprised and since then we worked on several projects not only for my company but also my clients. They provide professional project management, sales support and development resources. They serve as my offshore IT partner and it’s been a pleasant experience. Once again thank you from Lislibon Technology.

    John Lee, Lislibon Technologies

    Hiring Genfotech has helped me to invent and reinvent my business. The team is highly dedicated and knows the inside out of leveraging the changing business dynamics.

    Liz Mertin, Simple Holiday Home

    A bunch of really good developers who sense the need of clients and collaborate with great enthusiasm. I admire the online project management which is comparatively the best available.

    Chris Broad (BWP Group UK)

    Best imaging and designs…Had a wonderful experience and the team delivered stunning masterpieces according to my requirement.. keep it going !

    A. Madhavan - QC Manager -

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