Social Media Marketing

The sole goal of Social Media Marketing is reaching out to your target market, spreading your brand name to the furthest. It allows you to share quality content with your audience, engage them with intelligent and meaningful conversation and eventually influence their purchasing decision.

With Genfotech as your Social Media Marketing Partner, you can enjoy a more engaged audience that results in a significant improve in impressions and conversion.

Social Media Marketing

In past 5 years, social media has created the biggest buzz that changed the way consumers perceive, interact with, decide to buy and purchase a brand, product or service. While doing so, it has become one of the most powerful new marketing tools.

Social media marketing is all about communicating, connecting, sharing valuable content with the target market in order to engage and influence their perception and purchasing decisions. In this highly-connected era, a successful social media marketing campaign can help a company to:

  • Connect to their customers on a very personal level
  • Engage their prospects and interact with them without spending a fortune
  • Generate buzz about any new product or service even before it hits the market
  • Promote their business/brand/product/ services in the social web domain with
  • Get instant reaction and response from the fans about a new product/service.
  • Advertize their brand/ product/ service to millions of social media users at once through paid social media advertising.
  • Monetize from the leads and sales generated through the social media pages on social platforms
  • Build brand loyalty through engagement, social customer service and relationship management that lead to customer satisfaction.
  • Leverage from the brand loyalty in case of crisis and as an online reputation management exercise.

At Genfotech, we create unique social media marketing strategies that can help them reap multiple benefits from social media. It supports their business objective and offers great results and better customer experience. We work with all significant social media platforms like – Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. We ensure a better social presence, improved brand awareness and better web traffic (not to mention a better sales figure).

When it comes to SMM strategies for our esteemed clients, we only have eyes for three things:

  • Connect
  • Interact/Engage
  • Monetize

Now take a quick look at our end-to-end social media marketing services:

Social Media Campaigns

Our social media experts assist you in planning, managing, and integrating a highly targeted ROI-based social media campaign for your business. These campaigns aim to heighten brand awareness and engage more people with their unique promotional content and concept such as quizzing, trivia, contests, sweepstakes, games, and voting.

From connecting to the maximum number of audience in your target niche to engaging them while building a long term relationship by understanding their needs and serving them, we do it all.

Social Community Management

Our social community management service helps you address right audience. We focus on your target market to create a community around your business. When it comes to community building, we believe in one-to-one engagement and relationship building. And how we do it? We do it by creating and sharing highly engaging value-based content for the social channels, growing the community base, response monitoring, and reporting.

Social Media Account Creating and Management

As a part of our social media marketing service offerings, we-

  • Create social profiles for your business on various social networking platforms like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest etc.
  • Manage the same daily with content posting, updates, sharing and response
  • Track and analyze social media analytics for regular brand monitoring
  • Integrate your website with social media

Social Media Advertising

We also help you in planning and executing effective advertising campaigns on social platforms using our target audience identification process, based on particular demographics, interests, social connections, habits as well as other psychographics.

A successful social media advertising campaign can help you increase your chances of making your mark in the social sphere as compared with your competitors’.

We help in the setting up and execution of advertising campaigns for:

  • Facebook Advertising
  • LinkedIn Advertising
  • Twitter Advertising
  • Pinterest Advertising

You can choose different payment options, such as – CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions).

Social Media Monitoring

Our Social Media Monitoring services allow you to know what the world is talking about your business on the social sphere. It is a vital part of our online reputation management services.

We offer customized social media monitoring services by setting up the vital analytics alerts for your business, analyzing and rating the mentions on their sentiments ( positive as well as negative) and responding to them accordingly.

We also provide regular monitoring reports (highlighting the mentions of your brand across social media, news sites, websites, blogs, and forums) and support to help your business respond to the triggers and alerts.

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    What our Clients say

    We outsourced a complex e-Commerce marketplace project with WEB & Mobile application development to Genfotech. They are a professional company. The Project management process is flawless. Team is very responsive and friendly. They delivered the product on my server and provided technology support beyond the agreed support time frame. Looking forward to work again.

    Kevin Allen, Idealbuy

    I have worked with Genfotech for over 2 yrs now. During that time we worked on applications for the Web, IOS and Android platforms. Prior to Genfotech i tried to find offshore companies that provides quality experience but it was a disaster. I hired Genfotech with a lot of skepticism but i was pleasantly surprised and since then we worked on several projects not only for my company but also my clients. They provide professional project management, sales support and development resources. They serve as my offshore IT partner and it’s been a pleasant experience. Once again thank you from Lislibon Technology.

    John Lee, Lislibon Technologies

    Hiring Genfotech has helped me to invent and reinvent my business. The team is highly dedicated and knows the inside out of leveraging the changing business dynamics.

    Liz Mertin, Simple Holiday Home

    A bunch of really good developers who sense the need of clients and collaborate with great enthusiasm. I admire the online project management which is comparatively the best available.

    Chris Broad (BWP Group UK)

    Best imaging and designs…Had a wonderful experience and the team delivered stunning masterpieces according to my requirement.. keep it going !

    A. Madhavan - QC Manager -

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