Conversion Rate Optimization

Turn your website visitors into potential buyers with an effective Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) strategy. Offer them a superior user experience that compels them to become a prospect.

At Genfotech we help you increase your conversion rate through research, planning, actions and testing. Our aim is to maximize your conversion.

Conversion Rate Optimization

How to enjoy more business from your website? Simple, all you have to do is to turn more of your site visitors into business prospects and subsequent customers. However, achieving this task may not be as easy as it sounds. You must deliver a great user experience that boosts the conversion. And that is where, you can benefit from Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) service.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is an art of scientifically increasing website conversion rate from the site traffic you already have. It aims to increase the possibility of your site visitors converting into customers or leads by making them follow a set of calculated actions, such as – website sale, download, membership registration and completed “Contact Us” form.

How CRO Works

Conversion Rate Optimization comprises many strategies to win your visitors over with a superior user experience and compel them to take the actions that transform them from a visitor to a prospect. The strategies are as follows:

  • Call tracking – tracking the visitors via calls
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Website Usability Testing – Solving technical issues
  • Analytics tracking – tracking visitors via analytics

Keyword research, landing page designing, and overall user experience improvement are some of the other tools we use to facilitate the conversion rate optimization process.

How We Work

At Genfotech, we break our CRO services into 4 stages.

Stage 1- Research and Identification

We thoroughly study and examine the way your customers connect with your website to get a better understanding the relation a prospective visitor enjoys with your landing page. We check:

  • If there are any issues with the website design
  • If the content and layout of the website is user-friendly and topical
  • If there is any core technical fault

Stage 2 – Action or development

Based on the identification of problem and best web usability practices, we make necessary changes to the website after discussing with you. We take care of all little details that can impact conversion –

  • Color/ contrast
  • Size
  • Speed
  • Legibility
  • Call-to-action/ buttons
  • Layout
  • Proximity
  • Alignment
  • Flow
  • Benefits
  • Fields
  • Confidence building

When done correctly CRO can drastically reduce bounce rates and shopping cart abandonments.

Stage 3 – Testing

At Genfotech, we believe no changes on the website for the purpose of conversion optimization should be tested scientifically using various methods, such as –

  • A/B Split Testing
  • Develop a series

We aim to settle for nothing but the best possible conversion rate for your website.

Stage 4 – Reporting

At the end of the testing phase, we offer you a detailed report about the strategies implemented, changes made, its methodology and the findings of testing. Testing the changes in your website often shows substantial improvement in the conversion rate of your website.

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    What our Clients say

    We outsourced a complex e-Commerce marketplace project with WEB & Mobile application development to Genfotech. They are a professional company. The Project management process is flawless. Team is very responsive and friendly. They delivered the product on my server and provided technology support beyond the agreed support time frame. Looking forward to work again.

    Kevin Allen, Idealbuy

    I have worked with Genfotech for over 2 yrs now. During that time we worked on applications for the Web, IOS and Android platforms. Prior to Genfotech i tried to find offshore companies that provides quality experience but it was a disaster. I hired Genfotech with a lot of skepticism but i was pleasantly surprised and since then we worked on several projects not only for my company but also my clients. They provide professional project management, sales support and development resources. They serve as my offshore IT partner and it’s been a pleasant experience. Once again thank you from Lislibon Technology.

    John Lee, Lislibon Technologies

    Hiring Genfotech has helped me to invent and reinvent my business. The team is highly dedicated and knows the inside out of leveraging the changing business dynamics.

    Liz Mertin, Simple Holiday Home

    A bunch of really good developers who sense the need of clients and collaborate with great enthusiasm. I admire the online project management which is comparatively the best available.

    Chris Broad (BWP Group UK)

    Best imaging and designs…Had a wonderful experience and the team delivered stunning masterpieces according to my requirement.. keep it going !

    A. Madhavan - QC Manager -

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